B for Belgrade prides itself on offering more than just accommodation. We provide all kinds of services to really help you make the most of your time in the city – perfect if you’ve never been before. Our 24 hour airport/city transfers take the stress out of arriving and departing, while we’ll also organize sightseeing tours around the city, bicycle hire, restaurant, bar and club reservations (including VIP entrances, tables and lounges) and visits to museums and cultural centers. For those who want a slightly different experience, we can also organize wine tours, cocktail classes, sport and shooting range days and even VIP river cruises on a yacht-boat. You can take advantage of as many of these services as you like, do your own thing or opt for a mixture of both – the choice is entirely yours.

1) SIGHTSEEING TOUR – panoramic view of Belgrade (by limo or mini-van in the winter season or open-top bus in the summer season). Take a break from the brews and see the city’s biggest attractions on a sightseeing tour that’s got something for everyone. We only send our guests on tours that are worth the time and money. Prove you saw more than the inside of a pub on your cultural exchange, get some fresh air and see a few icons along the way. Everyone will be impressed by the city’s legendary landmarks and quirky crowd-pleasers. A local guide with a sense of humor and a bunch of entertaining tales to tell, will take you on a sightseeing tour that’s about more than piles of bricks and museums. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by what you see and hear! Your typical sightseeing tour takes an hour or so, which is exactly enough time to get your bearings, see the most important stuff, and put a dent in a hangover 🙂

2) RIVER BOAT SIGHTSEEING – in the summer season. A Danube and Sava rivers cruise is without doubt one of the best ways to see Belgrade, meandering through the heart of the city and past so many of its most famous attractions. See and experience the sights and splendor of this great city from the relaxed comfort of modern, all-weather boats with open upper decks and spacious lower saloons with panoramic windows.

3) MUSEUM TOUR – We predict this tour will leave you uplifted and impressed with all the beauty of Belgrade. Discover with us the cultural heritage of our nation which is reflected by the Belgrade Kalemegdan fortress. Our guide will help you to understand the secrets of Savamala, Belgrade’s underground, Zemun and Gardos tower, and to discover some of the loveliest squares, palaces and gardens which you would never find on your own. You will walk through the Dorcol, the old part of Belgrade, visit St. Sava Temple, National Library, Nikola Tesla museum, Military museum, Manak’s house, Parliament & National Assembly which will astonish you with its rich heritage.

4) Cultural-historic tour – visiting ancient archeological sites and natural wonders of Serbia (Vinca, Viminacium, Felix Romuliana, Mediana, Sirmium, Lepenski vir, Djavolja varos, Rtanj pyramid, Golubac and Trayan’s board).


5) Sports day tour (Balloon football, free climbing, bungee jumping, zip line and water skiing).


6) Traditional tour – traditional Serbian breakfast, Serbian medieval knight skills (sword fight, mace fight, bow and arrow, spears, axes, knifes and optional – ride on Danube river on 1000 years old replica boat).


7) Wine tour – visiting local wineries in several Serbian wine regions with tasting of local brands + lunch and dinner included.

8) Cocktail class – welcome shots, theory of cocktails, cocktail tasting, make your own cocktail,  make cocktails for your friends, exam and shooters for grades.


9) SHOOTING RANGE TOUR – Do you want to enjoy shooting of the real guns? This is truly a great opportunity to try your hand at a variety of guns in a safe and controlled environment. Find out what it feels like to shoot at the indoor shooting range (gun, shotgun, AK 47 – Kalashnikov, one of the world`s most famous guns, sniper) or outdoor shooting range (gun, shotgun, AK 47 – Kalashnikov, one of the world`s most famous guns, sniper + traditional lunch). Also you have the opportunity to shoot it out in paintball arena with your friends in the scene like an old military installation with buildings, trenches and forest. An amazing experience for groups, corporate events and team buildings.

10) VIP YACHT RIVER CRUISING TOUR – 3-4 hours ride on Sava and Danube rivers with private boat-yacht with VIP treatment (private waiter, skipper, DJ etc). Professional skipper will take you through the centre of Belgrade as you sip on your drink and enjoy the views in a good company of your friends. Our private boat offers you a cabin equipped with a nice bar and a pleasant sunny upper deck. Take this trip a bit further and cruise the river the fun way, enjoy the sunset and get sun tan. See the beauty of Belgrade from a different perspective. We can adjust the trip to your personal needs.

11) BICYCLE DAY – amazing ride through the streets of Belgrade. See the city unique style with a brilliant bike tour! You won’t bust the budget, you don’t have to spend ages stuck in traffic and you can hop on and off wherever and whenever you want. Stunning views of Belgrade’s architectural diversity and rivers from the bridges that connect old and new parts of Belgrade. It goes without saying that the city bike tour is great news for cyclists – it’s also top quality fun for the people who wants to be active without going crazy and wants to see the sights without having to rush around.  A bike tour combines sightseeing, action and fresh air – just enough of everything. Get out and about with ease, and really get to know the city!

13) SKYDIVING – The ultimate challenge! If you want something that requires gigantic balls of steel, sky diving is the way to go. Absolutely bonkers and a bigger adrenaline rush than anything else on earth, jumping out of a plane will blow your mind and make you whoop like a madman. Who said man can’t fly? Stick two fingers up to the laws of nature and take the plunge. Qualified, professional instructors will make the jump with you, which makes the whole experience ever so slightly less terrifying. Feel the tension mount as you reach the jump point and stand on the edge, ready to freefall. That split second of initial freefall is like being invincible. Everything will buzz and fizz with adrenaline – even your eyeballs! The definitive bucket list activity, sky diving will make you feel like the Man of Steel. Screw up the courage to make the jump and unleash your inner superhero.

12) SPA & RELAX – Are you feeling a bit rough from all the party? We have a great solution for you. A private, centrally located spa with sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and relax zone. Here you can recharge your batteries in full privacy.

14) GO KARTING – For the real Formula 1 feeling, you need to take your karts outside. Line up on the starting grid and feel the breeze coming in under the visor of your safety helmet. Channel your inner Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel for an adrenaline rush of an afternoon and the perfect way to get jaded lads back on the winning straight! We pick our outdoor karting locations for pre and post race comfort, as well as for the quality of the track and karts. Soak up the atmosphere of a mini Grand Prix!